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Who we are

4S Advisory is a premier hiring and investment solutions company in India. It is the brainchild of Satish Kumar Jakkula, a seasoned professional with over 22 years of experience in private equity fund and banking related administration, corporate communications, human resources, and government / regulator liaising. He has worked with the global sustainable development think-tank The Energy and Resources Institute (TERI) as well as the Dutch multinational banking and financial services company Rabobank in prominent roles. He is also an active networker, which helps feed leads to investing teams. It was with this extensive experience that Satish decided to take the path of entrepreneurship in the year 2019, kickstarting a niche advisory venture in the country. 4S Advisory provides four-dimensional services including Hiring Solutions, Investment Solutions, Operations Consultancy and Event Management.

Our Services

Hiring Solutions

Any company is known by its leadership and team and they are two of the most crucial elements driving business success today. Understanding this, 4S Advisory helps companies with the best hiring solutions. We specialize in functional specifications essential for senior board management. Our team understands the qualities that are needed in the leadership and solutions are tailored accordingly. We also connect organizations to candidates with potential and experience. We take a strategic approach to our recruitment and selection process. This involves adequate research on the current skill market, position briefing, capability and skill assessment, and validation procedure. All this ensures that the candidates referred by us are of the highest levels of competence.

Investment Solutions

4S Advisory has an active networking with the community of private equity and family office investors around the country and some parts of Asia, Europe and the US. We undertake intermediation between companies and investors for Private Equity and allied funding services.

Operations Consultancy

Our basket of services also includes legal consultancy, company incorporation and compliance, IT Support, and outsourcing CFO/HR Manager. We help with the active monitoring of the operations to help you take decisive and corrective measures at the right time. We also offer recommendation to companies for identifying Independent Directors with the right skillset who can add value to the business and guide on the way forward with their experience. Apart from this, we support companies through introduction to sectoral experts.

Event Management

As event management experts, we undertake all aspects of planning, detailing, and executing your corporate event, for a hassle-free experience. Be it venue search and booking, price negotiation with vendors, and on-site coordination or registration and hospitality desk requirements, logistics arrangement, and VIP reception, our end-to-end services ensure that you only focus on your work.

Our Clients

Our clients include global Private Equity, investment banking and advisory firms; companies in healthcare, hospitality, online marketplace and companies in the domain of food and agribusiness, renewable energy and power sectors, among others.

Contact Us

Satish Kumar Jakkula, Founder and CEO
4S Advisory
New Delhi
Tel.: +91 9999350383
E-mail: satish@4sadvisory.com